Bird-X, whose tag line is "Pest Control for Today's Environment" is advertising The ProHawk™ UAV which they claim combines sonic bird repellent technology with the latest autonomous flight GPS technology and design. And made in USA to boot. Or fly.

Bird-X's wide array of "repellent" products include the Prowler Owl, GooseBuster PRO, QuadBlaster QB4, and Stainless Steel Spikes. They say the ProHawk is the first drone of its class made specifically for bird control with these salient points:

  • Fully Autonomous Flight (once programmed, simply set unit outside and hit start - unit will launch, patrol, and land on its own)
  • Set "waypoints" to perfectly customize patrol areas via GPS technology
  • Terrifying physical presence is heightened by sonic predator sounds
  • Camera options available
  • Professional-grade cabon fiber construction