Size 3.7 x 2.7 x 0.7 meters, top speed 130 km/hr, maximum takeoff mass 60kg. This drone is, as Airnamics describes it, "the ultimate camera motion system. Check it out here.

Hand position controls the velocity, head orientation the camera view. You control the R5 via two joysticks on the ground control station along with a set of head tracking video goggles that displays a live picture from the camera. Thus you only have to concentrate on your desired speed and the direction of the camera movement. You leave the actual flying to the onboard computers!

With what Airmatics describes as "motion replay", a reference to autonomous flight control, you can repeat or fine tune the camera trajectory, velocity and field of view in real-time. "The result is a centimetre level motion precision even in adverse weather conditions. You are moving along virtual rails in the sky." according to the Airmatics website.