Drone Pilot and Videographer, Dustin McGrew, posted a video on his YouTube channel a few months back that has been blowing up recently. His video titled Above Pittsburgh – An Aerial Tour, has over 80,000 views and it’s easy to see why.

McGrew has got some serious skills with a drone and a camera, and he couldn’t have picked a more perfect backdrop than the ‘Burgh. Okay, so in all honesty, I might be a little biased in this respect. I’m from Pittsburgh. I’m a die-hard Steelers fan, Pirates fan, and when the Pens win the cup on Thursday night (it’s going to happen) I’ll be the first one to set my couch on fire in the street. I bleed black and gold. It’s a serious medical condition, but I refuse to get it treated. That’s how much I love my city.

Regardless of my own personal attachment, it’s pretty incredible that this is Pittsburgh when you consider that not all that long ago, any aerial footage shot in the city would be nothing but smog and coal dust. It’s no secret that Pittsburgh has made leaps and bounds since its day as the preeminent “Steel City” in the United States, but McGrew’s video shows just how much the city has done to clean itself up and show off its real beauty.

To capture this footage McGrew used a DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone with Snake River Prototyping Neutral Density and Polarizing filters attached. All footage was shot under 400 ft.