Russian drone enthusiast and artist, Valentin Demchenko, has done gamers across the world a major solid by bringing a piece of the infamous and iconic game Half-Life 2 into reality. Demchenko – who goes by Valplushka on YouTube – created an uncanny replica of a City Scanner from the game, and honestly the video he posted speaks for itself.

If you haven’t played Half-Life 2 (or Half-Life for that matter) go on Steam and play it right now. The game is such an iconic masterpiece it just feels wrong describing the premise. It’d be like trying to tell someone what music is. If they don’t know by now, they should probably just experience it for themselves. Suffice it to say it’s awesome, you get a gun that controls gravity, and it changed the face of FPSs (and video games in general) forever.

As for Demchenko, dude has got some awesome videos on Youtube. Including a “How-It’s-Made” style video for the Half-Life Scanner (spoiler alert: it’s in Russian) and one on “drone-boarding” which will hopefully become a real thing very soon.

The Scanner Drone is 100% custom-built by Demchenko. The frame is carbon fiber while the Scanner pieces are mainly polystyrene. He used an AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless quadcopter motor and a 3300mAh 4S 30C battery. The controller is a DJI Naza-M without GPS. The construction took him about 2 months to complete.

The video was shot on a GoPro HERO3 and amazingly there were almost no special effects added. The only exception was the flash towards the beginning of the video. Demchenko actually built a flash bulb into the drone, but it burnt out during testing, and you’re not going to make a video about the City Scanner from Half-Life 2 and not have it flash!

Make sure to check out Demchenko’s YouTube channel for more videos. Check out his Instagram and Facebook too while you’re at it.