According to a press release on the website of AT&T, they and "Intel have agreed to test how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly referred to as drones, work on a network designed to connect devices on the ground. Intel and AT&T will be working to solve major issues in the space, including connectivity". AT&T says it wants to test how its LTE network performs at higher altitudes. According to a formal AT&T announcement, the company will be testing LTE-connected drones to see how LTE works in transmitting video streaming, telematics and flight information. Currently, most drone pilots need to keep their UAVs in sight, though AT&T is hoping to change that.

In January at the Mobile World Congress, Intel demonstrated using the Yuneec Typhoon H drone with Intel RealSense Technology UAV, to stream video and telematics using the AT&T LTE network. AT&T is not, as yet, offering a timeline for LTE-embedded drones.