The Taiwan Aviation Safety Council (ASC) successfully deployed a cyberQuad UAV as part of its investigation into the crash of a TransAsia Airways ATR-72-500 on the island of Hoko, west of Taiwan.

Drones for investigations is a growing trend among crash investigators worldwide, due to their ability to access remote locations or to quickly perform a site survey while gathering data at a lower cost than manned aircraft alternatives.
Flight 222 accident investigators used a ScientificAerospace cyberQuad quadcopter to assists their investigation. The drone carried a digital camera and other sensors to survey and map the path of the aircraft during the final seconds of its flight to Magong Airport in Taiwan.

An investigator with the Aviation Safety Council (ASC), Brian Kuo said the drone’s preprogrammed survey took approximately 90 min. to complete which is a more-efficient and less-costly than hiring and equipping a helicopter for the operation.

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