Proving that a DJI Inspire (or other drones for that matter) can keep up with a Jaguar XJ running around a world class racecourse, the video shows stunt driver Mark Higgins behind the wheel of the car with world champion pilot Jaehong Li at the controls of the Inspire while they play "cat-and-mouse" games.

The video was made at the Zhuhai International Circuit in China explores the future technology that could influence car chase filming.

The video follows them as the car tries to outrun the drone through a twisting and turning racecourse, with the skills of both the driver and the pilot are tested to their limits.

Although fun to watch, on the more serious side the video also shows how drones could be in filming action scenes and car chases with the Phantom Inspire 1 effortlessly capturing footage from angles that challenge a regular film crew to the extreme. has the full story here.