Earlier this week, several photos of DJI’s latest top secret project were “leaked” on to the internet. The photos were of a peculiar looking drone that we now know is being called the Mavic.

If you actually think that DJI allowed these “top secret” photos to be released without their permission just a few weeks before the holiday shopping season starts, then I find your level of gullibility adorable and I envy your view of the world through rose colored glasses. Here’s what else we know about this hush-hush project (spoiler alert, pretty much everything).

Incredulity aside, the Mavic is a pretty razor looking drone (I just watched Disturbing Behavior for the first time last night, and now I’m recklessly using that word). The first thing you’ll notice about the Mavic is that it folds up for easy transport. In fact, ease of transport is pretty much the main theme of the Mavic. Not only will it collapse nicely into your backpack, the whole drone comes in at an anorexic 1.43 lbs. This will be the lightest drone that DJI has created to date, but surprisingly it’s not sacrificing that much power, nor is it coming up short on the features. The Mavic comes with a 4K camera attached to a two-axis gimbal. It has a Wi-Fi range of 300 meters (984 ft.) and a 3,830 mAh battery. For comparison, the DJI Phantom 4 has a battery with a charge capacity of 5,350 mAh, so not a huge difference.

Now that the word is out (shock and awe abound) DJI has scheduled a media event on September 27th. We’ll be sure to report on any additional information that DJI releases on the Mavic, but they’ve pretty much covered the nuts and bolts of it with their leaked photos. How can the internet discern factory specs from leaked photos? Well, that’s a very good question. While you’re puzzling that one out, be sure to check out these other “leaked photos” of GoPro’s first drone model, the Karma.