Although this might not a book for newbies, Drone University |$15.49 at Amazon| is an essential reference book for anyone serious about understanding all aspects of unmanned aerial aircraft design, components, telemetry, radio control (RC), long range communications (30-40 miles!), first person view (FPV), power systems, ground control stations, motors, cameras, pre-flight & flight safety and much more. It is not overly technical and with the many photos and external links included, it should be quite accessible to all readers.

Published at the end of last year (2014), it doesn't have the very latest drones listed, but with the amount of information and all the ones included in it, there's no problem applying the reference material to anything new in 2015. Its 135 pages are crammed with just about every aspect of the hobby including sections on droppable payloads, 3D FPV, head tracking, balloon repeater links, backup GPS tracking, launching systems and night vision. Some sections are applicable to fixed wing aircraft, but the bulk is multi-bladed copter specific. Highly recommended by

The 79 Amazon reviewers to date gave it an overall 4.5 star rating. One especially positive review noted that it was a "Great book, introduced me to a lot of stuff I didn't know about. Yeah, you can say that most of it is available on forums/YouTube, but this is the advantage of this book: it gives you bite-sized chunks of knowledge. It will give you all the basics (and some advanced stuff) and still leaves you with enough room to learn more and explore."