Undoubtedly, unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you would have noticed the growing influence of drones in the media over the past few years. The impact of drones and their potential have surged far beyond mere military use for unmanned aircraft to utilization for utility companies, photography, science and even media marketing. In fact, when it comes to drones, the sky's the limit, pun intended!

Awesome ideas are indeed circulating about mainstream use of drones. Imagine the impact that drone technology could have on shipping or online sales in general. As shown in the recently released Amazon video of their prototype deliver drone, how cool would it be for online shoppers to buy an item, then instead of waiting a couple of days for Fedex, to deliver, the package could be sent directly to their doors using drone technology. This concept is no pipe dream. Amazon's Jeff Bezos has gone on record that his organization is looking to implement drone technology. It's indeed no surprise that the world of drones and their potential technology across various industries could turn the entire globe upside down with the possibilities on offer. As the rate of technology across the entire spectrum continues to accelerate, the use of drones will indeed take this to a brand new level, the stellar level. Industries will be impacted or shall we say disrupted.

If you are unaware of the evolution of drones in the past few years, let's provide you some information so you can play catch-up. The use of drones for military use has stirred up some controversy over the past few years. The flight of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have provided the military with an undeniable strategic edge. UAV flight is usually controlled autonomously by onboard computers or by remote control of a user on the ground. However, it's important to be aware that drones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. As drone use becomes more widespread and commonplace migrating into civilian applications going beyond military, new possibilities will continue to create new avenues. Imagine the impact of drone technology for firefighting, policing or search and rescue operations especially in bad weather. The possibilities of drones and innovation is truly limitless.

Drone technology is also attractive to economists and business folks around the world. Their use has the potential to boost economies of scale. Even though drone technology is relatively new, there are key players already lining up to catapult this multi billion dollar industry into the stratosphere. It could influence and spearhead massive creation of new jobs, not to mention the vast resources that would need to go into research and development. Game-changer organizations like Facebook and Amazon are positioning their organizations to capitalize accordingly. After Facebook snoozed on the deal, last year Google acquired the drone company Titan Aerospace for an undesclosed amount to help with Google's Project Loon initiative. In keeping with the initiatives goal to bring internet connectivity to the two-thirds of the world’s population that as of now, lacks access, solar powered drones would be stationed, like satellites, above these areas to provide an internet signal. The use of drones will indeed be only limited by power of imagination.