As one might imagine, the weather conditions at the bottom of the world are not ideal for flying a quad or hexcopter. That said, the Aurora Australis icebreaker was guided successfully through the treacherous ­waters around Casey Station, Antarctica in December for its annual resupply voyage.

Australian Antarctic Division future concepts manager Matt Filipowski reports that this is the first time the division has used drone technology for assistance to ship operations and goes on to say it's a valuable addition to satellite imagery and radar, the current ice navigation tools.

A hovering quadcopter made five flights of eight minutes each during the nine-day voyage to Casey. Then a fixed-wing drone was used to map the area around the station from the air, mapping 30ha in 20 minutes according to an article in The Australian by Chris Griffith.

Although this video is of a hexcopter, not of the aircraft in the article, it does shows the harsh environmental conditions and layout at Casey Station from an FPV flight last year.