As reported by the North Star National, "The FAA's online registration site, charges drone owners a $5 fee, which officials said is the same charge required for manned aircraft, including Boeing 747 jetliners.

The rule covers drones and remote-controlled model airplanes that weigh between 0.55 and 55 pounds, and does not apply to commercially owned devices.

A drone operator can request permission to fly within 5 miles of an airport by calling the airport in question before each flight, something that has happened only once at Warren County Airport, according to airport Manager Ross Dubarry.

The register of owners has been set up following several high-profile cases which saw drones flown in restricted airspace near airports and crowds, or that interfered with the work of emergency services.

Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners advise that personal or commercial use of drones raises a number of critical insurance issues, ranging from personal injury and property damage to privacy concerns.

The task force, which met for three days in early November, was charged with developing recommendations for what types of UAS would need to be registered, the registration processes, and establishing proof of registration and markings. But, before playing with those gifts on Christmas morning, those drones will need to be registered with the federal government. Another aim is to make errant drones more traceable.

The Expo had drones of every shape and variety on display, from a $30 mini drone toy to a $150,000 unit that was pitched as a helicopter. "If I had a drone, I could have checked out the line a lot quicker and saved a lot of effort". If you sell off or discard a drone, it's a good idea to remove or blot out the registration number.

Drones are defined as remotely piloted aircraft systems and are also known as unmanned air vehicles.

In a nutshell: If you already own a quadcopter or other hobby drone, you've got until February 19 to get grandfathered in; if you buy one starting Monday, you have to register it before its first flight. As of December 21, 2015, owners of drones will be asked to provide their names and home and email addresses.

He stressed that the credit card information would not be held in the FAA's database."