Contract Drone Pilot - Washington DC
Position : Part-Time Contract Drone Pilots

About the Position:
We are seeking responsible aviation professionals who can pilot our growing drone fleet while exercising sound judgment and strict flight discipline. The ideal candidate must have a pilot’s license, previous UAV or RC piloting experience, current biennial flight review, medical certificate and be willing to travel to locations that our customers desire for short periods of time. The contract drone pilot will be on contract “as needed” paid per assignment and earnings will be reported with an IRS 1099 form.
Operator Responsibilities :

Conduct pre-mission planning with Measure’s customers in a professional and courteous manner and serve as the face of the company on the ground.
Possess a thorough understanding of the capabilities, limitations, sensor payloads and data processing that the operator is qualified in type.
Develop flight plans, check NOTAMS, check weather and coordinate airspace integration with any effected controlling agencies or privately owned properties.

Facilitate pre-mission briefs, complete safety risk assessment prior to flight and after action reviews upon post-flight.

Perform limited UAS and ground support equipment troubleshooting.

Solve problems on the ground in real-time and deliver acquired data in a timely manner to the customer.

Follow all conditions and limitations granted in Measure’s 333 Exemption from the FAA.
Adhere to all policies and procedures in Measure’s Air Operations Manual.

Required Qualifications & Skills:

Hold either an airline transport, commercial, private, recreational, or sport pilot certificate.
Hold or be able to obtain a current FAA airman medical certificate.
Hobby or professional experience with remote piloted aircraft or drones highly preferred.

Current pilot and UAS logs required and should be included in resume.

Knowledge of civilian airspace and aeronautical charts.

Ability to manage small teams and/or work independently.
Ability to travel for 1-4 week periods.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Unquestionable ethics and commitment to excellence.
Fluency in Microsoft Office Suite.
Flexibility in the face of obstacles and a sense of humor.

Job Type: Contract