Many of the more than 12,000 backers have already given up the hope of receiving what they were promised in Zano's Kickstarter campaign with pledges of over $3,000,000 when CEO Ivan Reedman, the engineer driving the design of the mini-drone, resigned on November 10th, 2015. Sadly some have even sworn off doing any more Kickstarter campaigns.

Zano's promotional video showed the tiny drone following a mountain bike down a wooded path, and a cliff diver plunging into the sea, all the while capturing high-quality video. However the first demonstration of the drone was described in a BBC article as being "not impressive, staying airborne for only a few minutes, colliding with walls, and delivering very poor video" When the first run of the drones were shipped to Kickstarter crowdfunders, they were not very happy according to the article.

As of today (November 12, 2014), the Zano's Kickstarter page with over 7,900 comments (many very understandably irate) still shows pre-orders as an option.