There are two types of people who use drones. Actually that’s not true at all. There are millions of people that use drones for thousands of different purposes, but for the sake of this article, let’s say there are two types, those that use drones for fun and those that use drones for work. One group looks at their drone as a source of enjoyment, the other as a source of income. The cool thing about drones is that both of these groups are using drones for their intended purpose.

There are a lot of different companies and corporations taking advantage of the emerging drone technology, but for most of these organizations, a drone is a tool, and as such is meant to simplify their lives, not make them more complicated. The people in charge of purchasing these drones don’t want to spend countless hours researching what type of battery they need to get, or whether or not the drone they’re purchasing will be able to fly autonomously. Thankfully, there’s a company that’s combined their love of drones with a business oriented background and taken a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

Microdrones has been in the game for a little over ten years now. They began catering exclusively to the European market, but have recently began making heavy strides in the U.S. What they offer is simply everything your company needs in order to make use of drones in the work environment. From hardware to software, they’ve simplified the process of purchasing and utilizing drones for people who are more interested in their company’s growth than the drones themselves.

For those that can’t decide between a Phantom and a Typhoon, Microdrones offers three very capable and very dependable drones of their own, the md4-200, the md4-1000, and the md4-3000. The names might not be very imaginative, but they perfectly represent the nature of this company. They’re a no-nonsense outfit that values function over form in all aspects of development. Their drones aren’t flashy or fast, but they work well and can function even in harsh conditions, making them perfectly suited for search and rescue missions. It should come as no surprise that Microdrones is a company based in Germany.

In addition to the workhorse drones they develop, Microdrones have also come out with some pretty awesome software programs. Using the Microdrones software, users can survey land without using GPS Ground control points. They can scan their agriculture using an onboard spectrometer and determine which crops are thriving and which are dying. They also have an all-in-one cockpit program which can pre-plan and carry out autonomous flight quickly and easily, even giving users the option to save flight paths for later use. It also tracks flight data and delivers it back to the user in real time, and provides the user with a status bar that shows the remaining battery life, GPS strength, and data streaming strength. They even offer a flight simulator if you're interested in training your employees before sending them out with the real thing.

Another thing that Microdrones does right is offer a huge variety of accessories for their drones that are easily interchangeable and completely universal. Everything from low visibility cameras, to laser scanners, to base stations, to spectrometers, to espresso machines (maybe not yet, but hopefully soon) are available directly from their website and attaching them is simple as plug-and-play.

Microdrones might not be flashy. You won’t see any FPV racers using them, and the videos they have on YouTube aren’t the most exciting things to watch, but they’re very effective at what they were designed for. In the years to come when drones become more commonplace on construction sites and farms, when they’re delivering our mail and surveying our roads, it won’t be a racing drone out there zipping around at 100 mph, it’ll be a md4-1000, chugging along at a steady pace and getting the job done.