For the love of all things holy, how could it not be interesting with a steamy photo of a DJI Inspire 1 hovering over a fully engorged lava river on the cover!

Eric Cheng's new book Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones |$27.31 at Amazon| has chapters on learning to fly including exercises such as "figure eights", "box" and "in and outs", safety tips, notes on commercial insurance, a pre-flight checklist and flight log forms as well has much on what the title foretells of (lots of pics) and includes a nine page index.

At 288 pages it is a reasonably well thought out instructional book for beginners although any level of expertise can benefit from his almost one hundred pages of what are essentially case studies of his flights including "Holuhraun Volcano", "Vatna Glacier", "Tetamanu Pass", "Balinese Rice Fields", "Son Doong Cave", and almost fifty other geographic locations he has flown. With (as of this writing) eight five star reviews on Amazon, this book is highly recommended.