The Parrot Bebop Drone & SkyController bundle |$880 at Amazon|, and available in Red, Yellow, or Blue allows you to fly further, higher and pilot with the most advanced immersive controls according to Parrot. Designed to be more ergonomically comfortable and easier to control than most RC-type controllers, it's 1.2km range with the range extender (long range WiFi) almost doubles what other small UAV manufacturers are offering. Reviews of the Parrot and three other Top 4 drones under $1,000, including the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced |$994 at Amazon|will be here at soon, so stay tuned.

With Skycontroller, take control of the drone via two ultra-precise joysticks: the top right stick lets you control the angle of the camera within a 180° field and the top left stick enables you to navigate the app in FPV (First-Person-View) mode.

Parrot users should to make sure they’re using the latest firmware as we keep on improving it on a regular basis.