With a delivery date of March 14 AND available at Apple stores too, the newest Phantom hits the market within 10 days (plus or minus). At $1,400 preorder price, it's a steal based on the onboard equipment and anything the competition has.

In addition to a 28 minute flight time (due to its 5350 mAh battery and enhanced aerodynamic design of camera, gimbal and aircraft), it has a camera range of just over 3 miles, shoots slow motion video (120 fps @ 1920x1080), and has an incredible obstacle avoidance system build in. Spec'd as the "Obstacle Sensing System", it should help you avoid the plethor of tree branches and garage doors that pepper YouTube video disaster sequences.

OSS works using two forward-facing optical cameras and two sensors on the underside that scan for objects the Phantom might fly into. DJI specs the system's range at 2.3 to 49 feet with a vertical positioning range of 0 to 33 feet. OSS will automatically redirect the Phantom 4 around any object that would disrupt its flight OR... if it detects that it can’t fly around an obstacle, it’ll hover in place and wait for pilot command input.

When the “return to home” function is activated, the Phantom 4 will avoid obstacles on the way back, too. Just be sure you have enough of the high performance battery left to get there!

Additionally, the P4's also is equipped with a feature called ActiveTrack, which directs the cameres to follow whatever subject you tell it to. Using the DJI mobile app, simply tap on the subject you want the Phantom 4's camera to stay on and the drone will keep that subject as the point of interest and centered.

More at DJI's website.