The FAA’s Part 107 went into effect on Monday and so far the general consensus is pretty much what you’d expect from a law in its infancy. The test that pilots need to pass in order to get their remote pilot certificate is apparently pretty intense. I can’t speak for the test’s difficulty personally because I haven’t taken it. I haven’t even taken a practice test. Why? Because I don’t need a drone to type and I’m not into masochism. Drones are a hobby for me, but for thousands of people in the US alone, drones are – or shortly will be – a profession. The fact that the test is hard is nothing to complain about. Lots of tests are hard, especially ones that allow you to operate equipment that could hurt people. However, the fact that the test centers are hard to find is something to complain about.

Today on the Podcast we’ll be talking to Al Itani. Al is a pilot, flight instructor, pilot examiner, and aviation safety counselor with over 40 years of experience. He’s currently offering UAS flight training and he operates a UAS testing center in Albany, NY. Al has seen a lot of FAA laws come into effect over the years, and it’s his expertise we’ll be using to gain some insight into the current situation with Part 107. Al will explain what pilots need to do in order to get themselves certified, and will share some useful tips on using your drone in a professional environment.

The interview takes place today and will be available on our podcast network shortly afterwards.