According to a press release from Animon, "Wireless HD video connectivity is creating a revolution in content creation and consumption. Animon, a market leader in zero latency wireless HD video, has invented exclusive technology to harness the power of mobile cameras and fixed video sources, to bring HD content to remote display screens or distribution switches. AMIMON’s systems utilize its core technology to deliver convenience and flexibility to create, transmit and view content on remote devices with the highest image quality. Amimon is the developer of CONNEX a breakthrough wireless video solution for aerial drones."

Connex ProSight delivers industry's first latency-free, all-digital wireless vision system CONNEX™ ProSight is the missing link needed to usher in a new era in FPV racing. Plagued by analog systems’ poor image quality, and connectivity issues in multi-pilot scenarios, the sport needs a breakthrough to take it to the next level. Shipping of the system will start on June 1 according to CONNEX.

According to Amimon CEO Ram Ofir, there were a lot of challenges to overcome in the creation of ProSight. Amimon also offers the Connex and Connex Mini systems, but entering the world of FPV drone racing brought forth a new array of technological hurdles.