This week we had the opportunity to speak with Manav Gupta (iTunes link). He's an individual who has been helping technology entrepreneurs for years and now has begun focusing efforts on expanding the network available to drone founders worldwide.

He now leads Reimagine Drone in Barcelona. The world's first drone services incubator is quickly become the hub for innovation within the space. As we find out over the podcast, this unique location blended with their support network is a Mecca for drone growth. The open call for applications has until November 25th so if you don't have time for the podcast at this moment, that's okay, head over to and take a peek.

Here at we’re all about showing the world how drones can be utilized for positive purposes, and showcasing the future of UAS technology. This week’s podcast features Taras Wankewycz, the founder and CEO of H3 Dynamics, which is a company that exemplifies both of these traits.

If you haven’t heard of H3 Dynamics, their Hycopter, or their DroneBox, you can read about them here. Basically, they’re a company that started out in the alternative energy field, and who are now making a major impact into the world of UAS technology.

During the interview, Taras discusses the early days of H3 Dynamics, how they got into the UAS industry, working across the globe, and how his company is impacting the future of UAV technology. Taras explains how the process of using hydrogen as a power source for UAVs is going to change the way they operate in the field, and how his company is taking hydrogen fuel powered robotics to even greater levels (*small spoiler alert, there’s a good chance that you could be powering your UAV with water bottles in the near future).

If you’re sick and tired of your 30-minute flight times because of the limitations put forth by lithium batteries, then this is the podcast for you.

This week on the Podcast we’ll be talking to Al Itani. Al is a pilot, flight instructor, pilot examiner, and aviation safety counselor with over 40 years of experience. He’s currently offering UAS flight training and he operates a UAS testing center in Albany, NY. Al has seen a lot of FAA laws come into effect over the years, and it’s his expertise we’ll be using to gain some insight into the current situation with Part 107. Al will explain what pilots need to do in order to get themselves certified, and will share some useful tips on using your drone in a professional environment.

The interview takes place today and will be available on our podcast network shortly afterwards.

This week on has been all about drones for good, and our podcast was no different. We were lucky enough to get Mahmoud Hassani to chat with us about the Mine Kafon (Explosion) Drone.

You might have read the story we put up about this Kickstarter project earlier this week, or maybe you remember hearing about the Mine Kafon project a few years back, but in case you don’t know what the Mine Kafon Drone is, according to Mahmoud it’s “an airborne de-mining system designed to clear the world of all landmines in under 10 years.” That’s pretty impressive considering there are over 110 million undetonated landmines estimated throughout the world.

In order to fully understand the magnitude of this project, you need to hear it from the man himself. Afterwards, be sure to head over to Mine Kafon Drone’s Kickstarter page and donate what you can. You’d be hard pressed to find a worthier cause than this one. [update: campaign closed on 8/31, fully funded!]

This week’s podcast features CEO of Iris Automation, Alex Harmsen.
Harmsen is a pioneer in the field of multi-rotors working on arguably one of the biggest game changing technologies. With so many industries in society ready for the disruption of these autonomous aircraft, what stands in the way? Iris Automaton brings intelligent flight to these machines so tasks that were once science fiction can be done by flying drones of all types. Instead of telling it for Alex, this podcast let him peel back the layers and explain how we’re on the cusp of one amazing revolution.

For this week’s podcast, we were lucky enough to have the number two FPV racer in the world, Brian Morris. Brian – who most of you probably know as BrainDrain – talked with us about his recent trip to Dubai, his start in racing, his thoughts on the upcoming Drone Nationals, the future of the sport, and the changes he’d like to see made in the world of FPV Racing.

One the topics Brian covered during the interview is a topic that’s been on the minds of FPV pilots and fans alike since the announcement that ESPN would be covering the Drone Nationals, how do you make FPV racing a spectator sport?

Brian hopes – as do many others – that FPV racing isn’t just a flash in the pan, but he also points out that several changes have to be made in order to bring this sport into the main stream successfully.

3...2...1... And the race begins. As the nimble drones speed across the air, whizzing and whirring there is a pilot clenching their teeth at every turn. This airborne acrobatics could only be accomplished with the experience of the growing world of drone racers. This week, we discuss with Shaun Taylor, ranked #3 by IDRA all about the increasing dominance of this sport. ESPN will be covering the Nationals this year in New York City so we had to catch Shaun before the training hits full gear.

Ever have that moment with your multi-rotor where your stomach just drops. The day has gone effortlessly to this point but maybe you got a bit too ambitious with the battery life. Or maybe it just is Murphy's Law and a piece of embedded software code sends the flying drone into a spiral. As the expensive, beloved piece of machinery falls from the sky... What do you do?

Ever vigilant and pushing safety first here at, In this week's podcast we were able to bring in the SkyFallX team. Their product aims to secure your drone from ever experiencing emergency free fall failure. The uniquely designed parachute system will protect any sort of incident that may occur when the plug is pulled. As you take a listen to our 8th episode, we invite you to visit the website and enjoy a whole love more than just podcasts. As the network and listenership grows, we are investing into making sure we bring the best to all of you across the world.

This week's podcast is a real ground breaker for us. Steve and I speak with Ryan Oksenhorn
of, a company focused on changing the world for the better by saving lives through delivery, by drone, of medical supplies (blood, vaccines, antibiotics) to remote rural areas of the world where the highway systems and/or geography make it impossible to get supplies to in an urgent or emergent manner. This July is starting in Rwanda with twenty hospitals and health centers with plans to expand to other underserved areas around the world. Our interview with Ryan covers ZipLine's history, the development and technical details on their aircraft, how the service works, and much more. Listen to hear how drones will be saving lives. This is important. (27 minutes)

In our latest podcast, we talk with John Dudley, president of, a Falls Church Virginia video and marketing communications firm that uses DJI's Inspire and the Phantom for their aerial work. Dudley Digital Works had been in business for over ten years with their clients including Bayer, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Pfizer, and the ALS Association.

John had previously used helicopters for up-in-the-air videography and since has supplanted the cost, logistics and thrills of hanging out the open door of a chopper with the relative calm of a radio transmitter controlling a multiblade UAV. Our interview with him touches on how that changeover worked out, experiences with the Inspire including a one on one with a pissed off hawk, shooting "footage" for a feature film, safety and a lot more. This is a bit longer interview than usual because it was great talking with John as he had lots to say and was interesting and fun to talk with. (44 minutes)

This week's podcast is with Cliff Whitney who is the President/CEO of Atlanta Hobby
which manufacturers, imports and distributes electric flight, remotely piloted aircraft and related products around the globe. Cliff's is also the founder of , which builds and operates unmanned aerial systems for hobbyists, Farmers, Ranchers, Police, Fire, Municipalities, Motion Picture Studios, Real-estate professionals and sells a range of RC flyers from a $29.95 toy to a $50K fixed wing aircraft with a 3.5 meter wing span.

Cliff is a private pilot, drone expert & enthusiast and a businessman whose knowledge of the industry puts him at the top of his game. We talked with him on a variety of topics including multirotors, fixed wings, border security, US Laws vs other country's laws related to drones, the new DJI Zenmuse XT FLIR camera, the TAO video camera with multiple sensors, the upcoming upcoming FAA Part 107 which could open up commercial drone flying to those of us that don't have a pilot's license, search & rescue operations, increasing food production in the world with drones, finding pregnant or sick cows on large ranches, aerial spraying systems, drone racing, the SouthEastern Electric Flight Festival and, finally, FLIR systems vs feral hogs. (44 minutes)

Podcast #3 - Sally French, AKA The Drone Girl (, has had her work published in many major news organizations including The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, NPR, CNN, The BBC, Forbes and The Economist. She began her avid interest in drones and journalism when she was both a producer and photographer for a piece documenting a prairie fire for Harvest Public Media while she was a student at the Missouri School of Journalism’s drone journalism program. In our interview, Sally talks drones, the future, the past (waaaay back to 2013), global warming, citizen science (Coastal, protecting the environment, elephants & bees (and drones), flying over fire, FAA's proposed new standards, plastic bags & Heathrow landings, her amazing website and lots more. (31 minutes).

Sally was also named one of Fortune Magazine’s “4 top women shaping the drone industry.”

Podcast #2 Part 2 - Jim (Demunseed) elaborates on his Guiness Book record setting Burning Man timepiece, more drone documentaries and a future feature file on the way? This is Part 2 of 2 (17 minutes).

Podcast #2 Part 1 - Mr. Jim Bowers (Demunseed) on his 2 million plus hits YouTube channel describes himself as a multi-media artist, photographer, drone pilot and adventurer, and relates his (then legal) drone experiences in Yosemite National Park to us, talks about the website he created,, where he coordinates over 5,100 volunteers in 30+ countries for search and rescue operations. He also details how to get involved with SARDrones, ruminates on his C-130 Hercules and other Air Force experiences, chronicles his adventures in multirotor flying and much more. Because the interview ran to an hour, we broke it into two bite size pieces. This is Part 1 of 2 (34 minutes).

Our first podcast is an interview with a gregarious guy who, on YouTube, goes by the moniker of Remote Chief. In this interview we discuss Yuneec's Q500 quad, make some comparisons with DJI's UAVs, talk safety, filmmaking and other balls in the air as it were (or was). Remote Chief's YouTube channel has some fun and informative videos. As of February 2016 (the date of the interview) his latest was Drone Falls Out the Sky and Smashes into Pieces Yuneec Q500 CRAZY CRASH!!!!!!!! (Possibly) fun for all. Currently not MPAA rated. (Our interview is 33 minutes).