Kristen V. Brown of Fusion writes that "Recently, rogue drones have caused their fair share of trouble. Who can forget the drones that got in the way of firefighters while fighting back wildfires in Northern California this summer? Or the one that nearly knocked out a competitive skier in Italy just last month? Or the one that knocked out power in LA? Errant drones, it’s safe to say, have at times become a major threat to human safety.

A new start-up, though, has developed drone-disabling technology that it hopes will offer a solution. Skysafe, a San Diego company started by drone experts from MIT, UCSD and the Air Force Research Lab, has created what is essentially a universal remote for drones.

Rather than just jamming all radio signals in the general vicinity of bad actor drones, as most other drone-disabling technologies do, SkySafe has figured out a way to lock on to an individual drone, knock out the signal piloting it, take over flight and land it safely. It’s essentially drone hijacking, allowing anyone in possession of SkySafe’s technology to take over control of a drone in order to keep airspace secure."

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