For as long as humans have been having offspring, they’ve waged a never ending battle against a parent’s number one adversary, childhood boredom! Children have an attention span comparable to that of a fruit fly with ADHD and they require constant stimulation (they’re very selfish that way). Much in the same way that a child will call upon a parent if they’re hungry, or hurt, they’ll pester you incessantly if they don’t have something to do. It’s your job as a parent to provide them with activities that stimulate their young minds and help to mold them into productive members of society. At least that’s the goal we all start out with. Chances are that if you have kids, you know that sometimes you just have to plop their little behinds in front of the Disney Channel so you can pay the bills, or do the laundry, or just have five freakin’ minutes to yourself!

Never is this struggle more apparent than in the summer, when school’s out and parental anxiety is way, way in. There are a number of ways that you can burn off your child’s eternal tap of energy, but one of the most popular and efficient ways is summer camp. But which summer camp? If you send them somewhere they don’t want to go, they’re just going to call home crying every night. If you send them somewhere that doesn’t teach them something and improve their value to society, then you’re a bad parent.

Luckily for you there’s a company out there called Drobots that – according to their website – offers the number one drone themed summer camp in the country. Imagine how cool your kids will think you are when you sign them up for drone camp! It’ll probably go something like this:

Mom: Susie, I signed you up for drone camp this summer.

Susie: You are the best mom that ever was or ever will be. Thank you sincerely for this heartfelt gesture of love and devotion. I’m going upstairs to clean my room and then I’ll set the table for dinner.

Heck yeah! How cool is that? What’s really cool about Drobots’ drone summer camp is that not only does it get them away from the T.V. and let them play with drones, it also prepares them for a future in an industry that’s currently on a meteoric rise. And it doesn’t matter what little Susie wants to get into with her drone, the Drobots’ summer camp lets the camper choose what drone related fields they want to focus on. Campers have the option of choosing up to two areas of concentration from Drone Photography/Film, Drone Racing, Drones in Eco-Innovation, Drone Building/Designing, and Drone Business and Entrepreneurship.

Currently, Drobots’ has over 40 camps set up all over the United States, and they have STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) focused courses for 9-12 year olds, 13-18 year olds, and even a High School summer boot camp set up for 9th through 10th graders.

But what if your little Susie or Billy likes drones, but has never actually flown one? That’s okay, because Drobots’ personalized guidance program has instructors for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced. Campers will also get a chance to show off the skills they’ve picked up at the end of camp in the Drone Olympics.

In addition to some well trained and knowledgeable instructors, Drobots’ summer camp also has a pretty impressive list of guest speakers that stop by, including representatives from Lockheed and Martin and the US Naval Observatory. Who knows what kind of contacts your young drone enthusiast will make at camp.

So what’s it going to cost to send your son/daughter/adopted hedgehog to this drone-focused summer getaway? Well, at anywhere from $400 to $500 it’s not as cheap as your average summer camp. However, how much can your child benefit from learning to make a dreamcatcher or friendship bracelet? How much can they benefit from learning how to design and build a fully functional drone? My point is you get what you pay for, but if the cost is too high, Drobots also offers day camps and after school programs.

So if you want to get your child out of the house for a little while and teach them skills that could land them a lucrative career in an ever expanding job market, check out Drobots’ website for dates and info on their drone summer camp program.