A Japanese security company has unveiled a new method of surveillance and it will chase down intruders, and even take pictures of their faces and licence plates.

The Secom crime-fighting drone is equipped with a surveillance camera and LED light, and will send images to a control center for tracking.

Secom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Ito), as the civilian security the world's first to provide services of autonomous flight monitoring robot "Secom drone", will start from December 11. "Secom drone" is making full use of Secom image technology and sensing technology has been developed over many years is and crime and flying robot technology, Secom unique concept, developed with know-how, creative and autonomous flight monitoring no example in the world It is a robot.

In recent years, it is increasingly widespread use of such as online security systems and surveillance camera system to the enterprise. Early to detect the abnormality in the Secom, to perform emergency call handling and 110th report and 119 as necessary, offers a "safety and security" to our customers. In the facility having a particularly large site, to capture suspicious car an image of a (person) to ensure, it has an increasing number of cases to install a fixed surveillance camera on site. Although fixed surveillance cameras are effective crime prevention, of suspicious vehicles (person) who is far away, and number of cars to be specific decisive factor, there is a case, such as a person's face and dressed it is unclear.