With summer comes the typical hiatus but we are back in full force to bring these weekly recaps better than ever for those who want the bite-sized news. From life-saving drones, Google's master plan, Drone Nationals in NYC and the VOTW we got it all for you in one stop.

This week saw big news around a drone that could save countless lives of those who could be effected by landmines. We covered this story in full detail and couldn't be more excited to see this come to fruition. Take a look to understand how this Kickstarter is looking to change the world.

Project Wing is now underway to bring drone delivery to the U.S. Alphabet, Google's parent company, is working out the kinks to understand how this technology could be deployed across a wide distribution network. (Via Computerworld)

Drone Nationals have been the talk of the world so we didn't want to put that front and center but if you are looking for a synopsis take a look at a recent piece Quartz did about the event unfolding on Governor's Island over the weekend. (Via Quartz) And if you want to hear from some of the world's best racers who competed, we had them on several podcasts leading up to this weekend. Check out the podcast right here.

Popular Science brought us a story on another drone meant for helping to protect the world. This one helps control burns in the Great Plains and has the potential to work side-by-side with firefights in the field.

And for our video of the week, take a look at what the future of the Droneconomy could look like.