Another week in the books and another set of videos that help keep you up to date on the world of drones.

Drones and Skiiers

The only FAA-approved company to fly drones in public shows off the skills mid-air in the video above.

Saving the Rhino

The ability for these devices to be utilized for more than just entertainment is starting to take shape. Watch the video above to see how these flyers are looking to help save the rhino.

Seeing the World

The expected size of the drone commercial industry is expected to top $127B within just a few years. This boom can only be paralleled to what happened when desktop hardware for computers became accessible by smartphones for the masses. Now that everyone can access the sky, the once unachieveable can now be opened for everyone. Iris Automation is pushing the envelope by artificial intelligent software that can stop mid-air collisions. For the booming industry, this type of intelligent detection will help open up the skies for us all.