This week saw a whole lot of drones news that had the world talking. Instead of boring you with a long winded update let's get straight to the four items this week that left us wanting to see more!


3D printing taken to a whole new level. Researchers are looking at using chemical vats to create UAVs on the fly. The rendering makes it seem a far way off but then again...

The full story can be found here at the BBC

Drone Eagles

The thought of UAVs flying over populated public areas has officials looking at all sorts of ways to provide security. The latest is eagles who are perfect for such a job. If you're going to fly in somewhere you shouldn't, don't be surprised if it gets snatched out of the air in the near future.

When Drones Go Pro

TechCrunch recently did a major feature on the state of Drone Racing. Just as we have talked to the #2 and #3 ranked drone pilots in the world on the podcast it sheds additional light on this growing sport.

The whole story, worth the read and videos included, can be found over at their website.

Dancing Drones Over Mt. Fuji

Sometimes it's just better to let the video do the talking. Enjoy!

We will be bringing weekly digests across the world every Sunday for you to watch. We couldn't thank all the thousands of viewers enough for making a growing destination for all things Drones.