London's Metropolitan Police is considering using eagles to as drone predators, training them to grab illicit quadcopters out of the sky.

Last week, Guard from Above, a Dutch security company released a video of an eagle snatching a flying drone with its talons. Guard From Above partnered with the country's national police to train the eagles and is studying the feasibility of using the birds in real-life aircraft-intercept scenarios. The Metropolitan Police saw the video and decided that it looked enticing.

How the eagle's talons aren't damaged by the drone's blades is hard to believe when you see the video (below), but apparently the talons are built to withstand the abuse according to the security company's CEO, Sjoerd Hoogendoorn . "These birds are used to meeting resistance from animals they hunt in the wild, and they don't seem to have much trouble with the drones," he was quote in Reuters. Their talons are strong enough and tough enough to grab most consumer-grade drones, he added.