When the UAV company Axis debuted its minuscule Aerius drone last April, drone enthusiasts the world over couldn’t believe a tiny drone could pack such an entertaining punch. Slightly larger than a quarter and the epitome of cute, Axis packed the Aerius with technical specifications akin to its larger brethren, allowing the drone to stand toe to toe with its competition. Well just this week, Axis upped the ante yet again by officially unveiling the world’s smallest first-person-view (FPV) quadcopter dubbed the VIDIUS.

Measuring in at just 1.7 inches wide and standing just under an inch tall, the VIDIUS is a modern marvel of design and engineering. Though larger than the previously mentioned Aerius (Axis did have to make room for a camera, after all), it’s still one of the smallest drones you’ll find anywhere. For instance, the included controller, which isn’t all that big, absolutely dwarfs the VIDIUS when set side-by-side. Due in large part to its diminutive size, owners need not register the VIDIUS with the FAA before flying.