Nixie is a wearable selfie drone that lives on your wrist until you want to use it. When you’re ready for action, simply unsnap Nixie from your wrist, fling it in the air, and it’ll fly off, take a quick snap or video of you, then hover right back into your hand like a boomerang.

But for ships and giggles, the transcript is just too precious not to paste part of here. Best, though, is to go to the video below the rambling prose.

Transcript follows: in to watch it ... I robot Santas biennial ... meet Mixi the drone aircraft where your next here tells more about it makes the founder and CEO Chris Taft without Chris I think famous for being here ... six ... sell ... the Better ATM how this works what you created it for ... sch yes ... the kiddos to take pictures ... what you see ... indeed often as much or the actually take pictures of ... what you're doing anybody out there to get dentures when your when your own ... sanity ... you wanna capture this moment it's you in that in ... behind the one to get your camera ... this could capture in this ... sense all that yet ... what a different kind of photography modes and options you have an impact carousel in action ... so I mean it is still that that's the reason they...

And so on.

Full transcript, should you be inclined, is at the Wall Street Journal videos site. Apparently they record the YouTube videos and attempt to turn the audio to text. Not that accurate, but definitely entertaining.