If you've been following SomeDrones this week, then you've seen the news around Mine Kafon Drone. The land mine detection drone is just a piece of this week's Weekly Drone Review. Every week we round up the best pieces of news and entertainment surrounding drones so you don't have to!

The Mine Kafon Drone podcast is currently live on iTunes for everyone to learn a bit more about how this revolutionary drone could save countless lives.

Podcast available here

National Geographic brings a piece to us about how remote monitoring with drones is protecting some animals that could use the reinforcements. The video is below and shows another way these machines can provide good to the world.

Intel's Aero drone is now officially revealed and gaining press. This foray into the industry has many curious because of Intel's ability to build electronics. Worth checking out or another drone dud?

Drone salaries are beginning to take off as well. A recent report from CNNMoney showcases the tech world's craving for these drone pilots. Considering the skill needed to operate these craft, the more hours put it and expertise around piloting is starting to equate to huge pay days.

And the recent news of DJI opening their flagship store got everyone, including Quartz to review what is the future of drones.