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Drone licenses allow you to now make money... it's about time! This news broke the dronesphere by finally ushering in FAA regulation that fits a happy medium for commercial endeavors and safety concerns. The official FAA documentation released is one we've been waiting for years. There is no doubt with the hardware improvements timed with these quick government changes will make 2016 the year of the drone.

We've always got an eye for some amazing drone photography and this week the ocean takes over. @WaterProject snapped this high above the waves and well left us speechless!

Let's go for a swim! 🏊🏽 #aloha #waterproject_drone

A photo posted by Seth Willingham (@waterproject) on

And the 17-year old stunning the world with some amazing shots of Norway. We covered his work recently but had to bring it up again. These videos truly are amazing. Check out his work here and see how his Phantom 3 are showcasing Norway's beautiful landscapes.