Drone data plans, a professional pilot’s perspective on drones in the sky, and Facebook’s solar-powered drone are just a few of the stories that emerged in from the UAS community this week. Presenting SomeDrones.com’s Weekly Drone Review, 10/16/16 edition.

Verizon Wireless will begin selling data plans that will allow drone users to connect to Verizon’s network. The plans will enable users to stream flight data and images directly from the drone. The rates for the plans will be roughly equivalent to those currently in place for wireless services. (Wall Street Journal)

At Forbes, Ryan Mac and Aaron Tilley chronicle the rise and fall of 3D Robotics, one of the original major North American drone manufacturers.

At NATS blog, Rich Pullen offers a pilot’s perspective on the potential for drones to interfere with manned aviation.

At the Huffington Post, Michael Auerbach argues that the U.S. should use surplus military drones to deliver humanitarian supplies to people in Syria.

Renan Pissolatti is a Brazilian photographer who uses a drone to get an aerial perspective on infrastructure and metropolitan life. (Quartz)

A team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab is developing programmable materials that could be used to make delivery drones more resilient to impact. (TechCrunch)

Dutch drone maker Aerialtronics has incorporated the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform computing capabilities into a series of inspection drones.

South African drone firm Ultimate Unmanned has unveiled the Viper 1000C, a medium-altitude long-endurance surveillance drone. (Defense Web)

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a self-balancing robot that moves around on a rotating ball. (Engadget)

Disney’s research lab has developed a one-legged hopping robot that can maintain balance without a tether. (The Verge)

A U.S. inventor has developed a concept for an aquatic lifeguard drone. (Wired)

A U.S. hobbyist built a large quadrotor drone that can be used to launch vertical rockets. (Popular Science)

The city of Chiba in Japan is developing a drone delivery system that it plans to unveil by 2020. (Japan Times)

General Electric is developing an aerial drone called the Raven that will be used to detect methane leaks. (Bloomberg)

Facebook is in talks with several unnamed countries to host the first live trials of its Aquila solar-powered drone prototype. (Wall Street Journal)

A representative from Rostelecom, a state-run Russian telecommunications company, said that Russia will shoot down any Internet drones that fly illegally in the country’s airspace. (The Moscow Times)

A team from the Mining Institute at Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand is developing drones that can fly through dangerous areas of underground mines. (AFR Weekend)

A frozen yogurt store in Michigan used a drone to deliver frozen yogurt to a nearby college campus. (Associated Press)