Dronesforgood was a major trend this week in drone news, which is exactly what we like to hear at SomeDrones.com. Drone technology is still in its infancy, so the fact that many innovators first instinct is to use that technology in a way that makes the world a better place says a lot about where we’re headed as a community, and as a species for that matter!

Stony Brook University is first up on our list of drone-do-gooders. Using autonomous drones constructed by Vayu Inc., they’re picking up biological samples in the remote villages of Madagascar and delivering them to testing centers where they can be analyzed for various types of disease. This is the first time that many of these people have ever had access to this kind of healthcare and it’s all been made possible by drones!

Massoud Hassani made the news a few years back with his Mine Kafon. Now he’s back with something even better, the Mine Kafon Drone. Using a combination of aerial surveying, a metal detector arm, and a gripper arm the Mine Kafon Drone is able to remotely detonate landmines in a fraction of the time it takes traditional demining teams. The amount of lives this kickstarter project will save is unreal.

Firefighters in Rossie N.Y. are using drones in order to gain a new perspective on the path that forest fires are taking. It’s important to remember that the drones here are being used by professional firefighters, and as tempting as it may be to fly your drone around a woodland blaze and help your local fire department out, this will most likely hinder the firefighting process more than it will help.

Drone Media and Astral AR have joined forces in order to create a faster and more efficient way to find missing person. By equipping swarms of 20-100 drones with thermal imaging and biometrics, they hope to increase the speed and area that a search and rescue team can search for a missing person.

The Fortis Hospital in Mulund Mumbai has announced that they plan on using drones for heart transplants in the near future. By partnering with IIT-Bombay, the hospital hopes to use drone technology in an effort to cut down on the precious seconds that tick away during the transport of organs from donor to patient.

Drones in Southeast Asia are being used to keep track of the rapidly dwindling Orangutan population. Half of the battle in any situation like this is increasing public awareness, and aerial surveying with drones is cost and time effective way of accomplishing this.

Last but certainly not least, 7-Eleven has teamed up with drone startup Flirtey to complete the U.S.’s very first drone donut delivery. That may not sound like the most important job for drones to carry out, and that’s because it’s not, but it’s one that I was super excited to hear about none the less.