Drones being used for humanitarian relief, an air safety network being developed via cell towers, and holiday shopping drone consumer guide are just some of the stories that make up the December 11th edition of SomeDrones.com's Weekly Drone Review.

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The Federal Aviation Administration has restricted most aircraft, including drones, from flying over the protests at Standing Rock, North Dakota until December 16, 2016. Shortly after implementing the Temporary Flight Restriction, the FAA granted drone photographer Robert Levine a three-day exemption to operate drones in the area. (Forbes)

Meanwhile, the FAA issued a Part 107 waiver to Alphabet’s Project Wing delivery drone initiative. The waiver will permit one operator to fly up to 20 drones simultaneously in test operations in California. Control of multiple unmanned aircraft is currently not permitted under the Part 107 regulations. (Drone 360)

FLIR Systems, a U.S. manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, acquired Prox Dynamics for $134 million. Prox Dynamics is a Norwegian company known for making the Black Hornet nano drone. (Recode)

A report by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action offers a guide to the drone systems used for humanitarian action. (Relief Web)

At MarketWatch, Sally French writes that in spite of recent advances, drone deliveries remain mostly out of reach.

At Bloomberg, Ian King examines Qualcomm’s push to develop an air safety network for drones based on cellular towers.

Also at Bloomberg, Anne Mostue visits CyPhy Works, a U.S. drone manufacturer that has recently partnered with the U.S. Army and UPS.

The Roswell Flight Test Crew drone hobbyists took a tour of a Chinese company that manufactures drones and trains commercial drone pilots. (YouTube)

At Time, Josh Raab offers a guide to consumer drones ahead of the holiday season.

Mouser Electronics, a technology firm, is developing an autonomous cloud-based drone search and rescue system. (Unmanned Systems Technology)

Aerospace firm Groen Aeronautics Corporation is developing a vertical take-off and landing drone. (Unmanned Systems Technology)

Drone maker DJI announced that its Inspire 2 commercial drone has a lower top speed and acceleration rate than it had previously announced. (The Verge)

Startup SlidX has unveiled the Black Manta, a small surveillance and security drone. (3D Print)

DARPA has announced a new program, Agile Teams, which aims to develop mathematical models to optimize the design of manned-unmanned teams. (Press Release)

Researchers at the Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory in Montreal have developed a system that allows drones to autonomously land on moving vehicles. (MIT Technology Review)

Drone delivery firm Drone Delivery Canada is developing a proposal for a drone delivery program in remote parts of the country. (Toronto Sun)

The World Air Sports Federation has established a working group to develop “sporting and regulatory aspects” for drone racing competitions, and plans to hold a drone racing world championship in 2017. (Press Release)

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Office have acquired an infra-red camera equipped drone for emergency operations. (Merill Photo News)

The Derby City Council in the U.K. has banned drones from the city’s parks. (Derby Telegraph)

The Chiba City Fire Department in Japan has acquired a drone for its operations. (Straits Times)

The U.K. Civil Aviation Authority has unveiled a mobile app that warns drone operators if they are straying too close to an airport or restricted airspace. (BBC)

Apple is reportedly using mapping drones to improve its Maps online map service. (Bloomberg)

The Sun has published a video that it claims shows an Amazon delivery drone prototype flying over the company’s testing facility in the U.K.
A drone was used to film a horse race in London, Ontario. (CBC)

Food delivery company Just Eat conducted a takeaway meal delivery with an unmanned ground vehicle developed by Starship Technologies. (Venture Beat)

Police in the Emirate of Ajman say that they have used drones to record over 2,000 traffic violations since March. (Gulf News)