UPS successfully completed their first drone delivery on Children’s Island, in Massachusetts. The test delivery was conducted as part of a partnership between UPS and CyPhy Works, a drone manufacturer based out of the United States. It was the first successful commercial drone delivery since the FAA implemented comprehensive drone regulations in August. (Wall Street Journal)

At the Motley Fool, Matthew DiLallo argues that drones will “revolutionize America’s infrastructure.”

At Fortune, Katie Fehrenbacher explores how drone manufacturers are integrating solar power into drones in order to boost endurance. Meanwhile, at CBC News, Marcel Sangsari looks at how fuel cell technology is powering the drone industry.

At Drone Law Blog, Jonathan Rupprecht offers a few takeaways from Part 107 certification test statistics.

Camera maker GoPro unveiled the Karma, a long-awaited consumer quadcopter that is optimized for aerial photography. (WIRED)

A team of hackers used a swarm of consumer drones to create a real-life game of Space Invaders. (Hackaday)

A London-based researcher has demonstrated a drone that can be powered wirelessly. (Fortune)