Let's get right to it this week. This fall is gearing up to be one that ushers in a holiday frenzy for drones. So much action... So little time! This Weekly Drone Review will keep you informed. Don't forget to check out our Podcasts for when you're on the go.

GoPro has leaked another video showing what appears to be Karma footage. Besides being small and light, the video speaks for itself. Some are calling this movie magic but we will see when September 19th shows up. Full YouTube video can be found here!

DJI mania! The drone leader announced a partnership with Epson for FPV augmented reality goggles but didn't stop there. The big news of the week was around their leaked Mavic photos. A foldable drone looks to be the latest to wow the world from the company.

DJI Mavic

Intel buys Movidius. The latest acquisition from the chip maker focuses squarely on providing sight to drones. Artificial intelligence mixed with cloud processing has this looking to be just the first of many drone software acquisitions. Forbes provides further details in their recent feature.

Michael Huerta, administrator for the FAA, was the keynote speaker at Interdone this week. The 2nd annual conference held in Las Vegas brings together the growing world of commercial and consumer. According to Huerta, there are about 320,000 registered manned aircraft today, and it took 100 years to reach that number. In less than nine months since the administration put the drone registration process in place, there have been more than 520,000 registered hobbyists (and close to 550,000 if you add commercial users). A full report can be found from SD Times.